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Classic Mix Partners is the manufacturer of premium dairy dessert mixes and an original pioneer of fresh frozen custard mix. For three generations, Classic Mix has developed a national reputation for formulating and producing the finest premium custard, soft serve mixes, ice cream and gelato. Classic Mix Partners custards use only the finest dairy ingredients produced by America’s farmers. Their state-of-the-art facility is nestled in the heart of “America’s Dairyland.”  For more information, please visit their website (www.classicmixpartners.com).

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Tom Balmer
Executive Director

Beth Briczinski
Vice President, Dairy Foods & Nutrition

Clay Detlefsen
Senior Vice President, Regulatory & Environmental Affairs

Jamie Jonker
Vice President, Sustainability & Scientific Affairs

Gail Mobley
Program Administrator & Meeting Manager

Peter Vitaliano
Vice President, Economic Policy & Market Research