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Classic Mix Partners is the manufacturer of premium dairy dessert mixes and an original pioneer of fresh frozen custard mix. For three generations, Classic Mix has developed a national reputation for formulating and producing the finest premium custard, soft serve mixes, ice cream and gelato. Classic Mix Partners custards use only the finest dairy ingredients produced by America’s farmers. Their state-of-the-art facility is nestled in the heart of “America’s Dairyland.”  For more information, please visit their website (www.classicmixpartners.com).

About the National Ice Cream Mix Association

The National Ice Cream Mix Association (NICMA), established in 1945, is a nonprofit trade association representing the manufacturing industry of ice cream mix, soft serve frozen dessert mix and shake mix. NICMA is located in Arlington, Virginia.


NICMA Officers

Pat Galloway, President
Classic Mix Partners, LLC

Bob Kmetz, Vice President
Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.

Ron Mong, Treasurer
Herbein + Company, Inc.


NICMA Board of Directors

Dean Angott
C.F. Burger Creamery

David Catalana
Cumberland Dairy

Craig Colonno
Anderson Erickson Dairy

Ed Coryn
Dairy-Mix, Inc.

Mike Curtis
Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers/Valley Milk Products

Scott Nicholas
Taylor Company

Mike Smith
DuPont Nutrition and Health

Steve Steinwart
Meadowvale, Inc.

Joe Duscher
Upstate Niagara Cooperative